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Know What You Own.

Uncompromising Quality

For 30+ years, Jensen has diligently managed high-quality equity portfolios for our clients.

We believe a consistent, sustainable investment process is vital to weathering all economic climates. The strength of our investment philosophy is based on a steadfast dedication to investing in quality businesses that provide enduring performance.


Jensen Quality Growth Strategy

30+ years of unwavering commitment to quality.

Jensen believes that sustainable competitive advantages and persistent, strong business performance yield long-term growth and capital appreciation.


Jensen Quality Value Strategy

Capturing quality down the cap spectrum.

Jensen believes that investing in companies with solid competitive advantages and clearly identifiable catalysts should drive growth, profitability, and free cash flow.


ESG and the Jensen Quality Strategies

At Jensen, we believe that ESG analysis is, and always has been, an inherent part of our fundamental research process.

We strive to evaluate all relevant financial and non-financial factors that may affect a business and ultimately investment results. Our investment team seeks to identify companies that understand and thoughtfully manage all of the inherent business risks, including ESG.

We do believe that overlooking relevant ESG issues--as with any material business issue--can increase the risk of negative investment outcomes. However, we do not view it as a binary tool used to separate good investments from bad. We continue to review new research on the potential impact of ESG factors within our long-standing research approach.

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